Working with projects

Projects are where you and your team work with pictures and videos. The projects homepage shows you all the projects you currently belong to, including your sample project, which is pre-loaded with examples of data & tags to help you explore some different use cases of Newmetrix. The homepage is the first thing you see when you log in.

To open a project, click its thumbnail or click on its name in the left sidebar. You'll see links to its project views appear:

Read these tutorials to learn more about how to use a project and work with project files:

Favorite projects

If you belong to lots of projects , you can favorite your most important ones to pin them to the top of the homepage and make them easier to find. 

  • Hover your mouse over a project's name in the left sidebar to see this star icon:    

  • Click the star to pin the project to the top of the sidebar. Favorited projects also move to the top of the thumbnail list:  

To un-favorite a project later, just hover and click on the star again.

View project properties 

  • Click the info icon in the taskbar to expand the Info panel onto the screen:

  • Use thumbnail checkboxes to select one or more projects:

  • The Info panel will show the following information about selected project(s) (use the icons circled below to switch between the different tabs):


  • Project Name (type to change)1425 P Street 
  • Project ID (type to change): 130605
  • Project Description (type to change):
    Home of 1425 project team
  • Size (all project files): 3.0 GB
  • Total number of files: 172
  • Files added in the last 7 days: 12
  • Files added in the last 30 days: 15
  • Date created: May 09, 2017 10:49 AM
  • Last modified: Today 10:46 AM
  • Created by (user name): Jane Doe


Shows all current project members. 

To  add members to select project(s):

  • Type member's email address in the
    Enter email address field.
    • Matches to existing Newmetrix users
      will be suggested as you type. Click on a
      match to use it. 
    • To add a new user, type the full email 
      address. The person will receive an invitation
      to join Newmetrix and view the project.
  • Choose one of the five member roles
  • Click + to add the member. 

To delete members from the project(s): 

  • Click the x button next to a member's name to
    remove them. (You can only delete someone if
    your role is equal or higher than theirs.) 

Note: If you add or delete members with multiple 
projects selected, they will be added or deleted
to all the projects.

QuickTip: To view a single project in the Info panel, hover over its thumbnail and click on the dots that appear in the bottom right:

Create a new project

  • Click the  +  taskbar icon to open this pop-up:

  • Under Choose Project Organization, click to choose the project's home organization. 
  • Type a name in the New project's name field. 
  • Click the Add Project button to create the project. You'll be taken directly to its new Files view.

Delete a project

Deleting a project erases all of its information and files from the Newmetrix universe. (A project can only be deleted by members with a high enough  permission role.)

There are 2 ways to delete projects: 

  • To delete a single project, hover over a project's thumbnail and click the ellipsis that appears in the bottom right corner, then click Delete:

  • To delete one or more projects at a time, use thumbnail checkboxes to select the project(s). Then, click the tasks toolbar icon and click Delete: 

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