The Members view

Member roles

Project members are users who have access to some or all of the project's files. Members are either manually added to a project, automatically added when project files are shared with them, or automatically added if they are a User or Admin in the project's home organization

Each member is assigned a role. Below are the different member roles and the permissions they grant. Note that member roles only exist within the scope of a project; the same person can have different member roles across different projects.

Member Role


Can Manage

  • Can view, edit and delete all project files 
  • Can manage all other members
  • Can manage the project's profile & settings

Can Collaborate

  • Can view and edit all project files
  • Can manage all other project members except for Can Manage members
  • Can delete some project files 

Can Contribute

  • Can view, edit and delete only their own project files 
  • Can manage other Can Contribute members

Can View

  • Can view all project files (can't edit or delete)

Can Receive

  • Can only view and edit on individual project files if they've
    been shared by other members 

Add a new member

  • From the Members view (accessed via the selected project dropdown bar on the left side of the screen) Click the + taskbar icon to open this pop-up:

In the  Enter new or Select member field, type the email of the person you want to add.

    • As you type, matches to existing users' emails will appear as suggestions. Click on an email match to select it.
    • You can also click the right hand arrow to view a list of existing users to choose from.
    • If you enter an email that's not registered to Newmetrix, an invitation email to sign up and see the project will be sent automatically. Click on the Permission field to choose a member role:
  • Click the Add Member button to save.

Manage roles & settings 

Clicking on a member's thumbnail takes you to their member page, where you can edit their role and project notification settings. If you don't have permission to edit a member's page, their thumbnail will be locked:

Change role 

  • Under Project Permissions, use circle buttons to select a different member role:

  • Click the Update Member button to save.

Notification settings

Members with a high enough role can can receive email alerts whenever files are uploaded to the project. This is useful for team members who need to stay on top of new content. Notification emails are sent approximately once an hour.

  • Under Project Notifications, click the checkbox to turn alert emails on:

  • If checkbox is already selected, click it to turn alert emails off.

  • Click the Update Member button to save changes.

Timestamp downloads

Turn this on to add timestamped dates to the member's downloaded photos & snapshots. The timestamp will be the date the source photo or video was originally captured. 

  • Under Settings, click the checkbox to enable timestamps:

  • If the checkbox is already selected, click it again to disable timestamps.
  • Click the Update Member button to save changes.

The member Info Panel

  • Click the Info Panel icon to expand it onto the right side of the screen:

  • Use thumbnail checkboxes to select a member. The Info Panel will display the following data about the member's uploads to the project: 

Last Upload Date

Today 10:28 AM

Total files added: 249

Files added last 24 hours: 19

Files added last 7 days: 19

Files added last 30 days: 249

Delete members

  • Select member(s) to delete using thumbnail checkboxes.
  • Click the Tasks icon in the top taskbar to expand a link to Remove:
  • Click Remove again on the pop-up warning confirmation to permanently delete.

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