The Profile view

Project members with Can Manage or Can Collaborate roles can use the Profile view to change a project's name and properties.

Change home organization

  • Click the Project Organization field to expand a menu of all the orgs you belong to. Click on one to move the project to it. (If you don't belong to any other organizations or don't have high enough permission to move the project, you won't see any other orgs.)
  • Click Update Profile to save.

Change name, ID & description 

Maximum length: 255 characters each

  • Type into the Project Name, Project ID and Project Description text boxes to make changes.
  • Click the Update Profile button to save your changes.

Change thumbnail picture 

Accepted image formats: .JPG/.JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF

This is the project's thumbnail image on the projects homepage.

  • To upload a thumbnail, click the Browse button and select the image file from your computer:
  • To erase a previously added thumbnail, click Clear. Unless you upload a different thumbnail, the default thumbnail (shown above) will be used.
  • Click Update Profile to save. 


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