How do I generate an Observations Photo Report?

What is an Observations Photo Report?  

This report shows photos for Observations within a time period chosen by the user with their selected criteria. It can be used for documenting progress, sharing photo observations and for easy sharing of photos with various departments in your company or with trades.

How do I generate an Observations Photo Report?

  • Choose the Project & Sharing configurations you desire. When sharing, keep in mind, Newmetrix will autofill your results with Newmetrix users for your organization, however, users are not required to be in Newmetrix to share reports.
  • Select the Observations and when you click Next then you will receive a notice letting you now how many observations match your criteria.
  • Next select the Sorting configurations you desire and select Next.
  • PDF with the observations from your request will be automatically emailed from

Can I schedule an Observations Photo Report?

Currently, you cannot schedule an Observations Photo Report.

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