Consuming Newmetrix Metrics via API

Objective & Audience

The purpose of this document is to familiarize Newmetrix customers and partners with using the metrics available via API. It is intended for business and technical audiences interested in making Newmetrix metrics available in their Business Intelligence (BI) systems, Dashboards and other bespoke solutions.

This document is meant as a general “how-to”, please refer to these additional resources for a more in-depth overview:

  • API Documentation - a technical API reference
  • Newmetrix Metrics - a detailed list and descriptions of all available metric

Newmetrix Metrics

Metrics Available

Newmetrix provides the following metrics by product.

Safety Monitoring

Activity Metrics


  • Number of Uploads
  • Average number of uploads per day
  • Number of Active Users
  • Number of Unique Uploaders
  • By Integration: Number of Uploads
  • Tag Count


  • Asset Count By User
  • Tag Count By User
  • Comment Count By User

Safety Metrics


  • Work at Height per 100 photos
  • Ladders Last (Ladder-to-Lift Ratio)


  • Housekeeping & Standing Water per 100
  • Housekeeping per 100 photos
  • Standing Water per 100 photos


  • Average PPE Compliance (overall)
  • Glasses Compliance
  • Gloves Compliance
  • Hard Hat  Compliance
  • Hi-Vis Compliance

Safety Observations

Activity Metrics


  • Observations Count
  • Observation Count By Type (positive, risk)
  • Positive-to-Risk Observation Ratio
  • Observation Count by Hazard Category by type
  • Observation Count by Method of Identification by type
  • Great Catch Count
  • Great Catch Count By Type (positive, risk)


  • Observation Creator With Observation Count
  • Observation Creator With Observation Count By Type (positive, risk)
  • Count of Unique Observation Creators
  • Count of Unique Observation Assignees

Safety Metrics

  • Average Risk Score (for risk observations)
  • Maximum Risk Score (for risk observations)
  • Observation Count by Risk Band (for risk observations)
  • Observation Count by Risk Score (for risk observations)
  • Great Catch Average Risk Score (for risk observations)

Workflow Metrics

  • Observation Count By Open vs Closed (for risk observations)
  • Average Days To Close Risk Observation (that was opened in a non-Closed state)
  • Open Observation Count By Status (for risk observations)
  • Average Days Open For Open Observations (for risk observations)
  • Average Days Open for Open Observations, By Risk Band (for risk observations)
  • Count of Past Due Observations (for risk observations)
  • Average Lateness (in days) For Past Due Observations (for risk observations)

Note: in addition to these aggregated metrics, Newmetrix provides access to raw Observations data in this API call.

Levels and Date Ranges

Where appropriate Newmetrix metrics are provided at these three levels

  • Per Project
  • Per Project Group (if configured)
  • Per Organization
  • Per User

With a few exceptions, the metrics are calculated for the following date ranges (or “buckets”)

  • 1 day
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • All

Please refer to the API Documentation for the details on which metrics are supported at what level.

Metric Calculation

The metrics are calculated nightly and the fresh ones are available by 7am ET.

Accessing Metrics via API

Getting Started

To use metrics, you need an admin user account with access to at least one organization with project(s). To learn how to use the API, refer to API Documentation.

To get started with the API, you need to authenticate and receive a token. Here is a code snippet:

<span class="c5">POST <SMARTVID-ENVT>/api/v1/authenticate HTTP/1.1<br></span>Content-Type: application/json<br>Host:<br>Content-Length: 59<br>{<br>  "username" : "",<br>  "password" : "************"<br>}

Use the token it returns for all subsequent API calls.

Using the Metrics API

To retrieve metric(s) use the following API call. Be sure to specify the desired metric, detail, level and time bucket:

<span class="c5">POST <SMARTVID-ENVT>/api/v1/authenticate HTTP/1.1<br></span>{<br>  "organizationId" : "3fd00465-c09e-4913-bbd6-16e23bb9adac",<br>  "metricRequests" : [ {<br>    "objectType" : "PROJECT_METRIC",<br>    "objectIds" : {<br>      "projectId" : "9a7bb22d-192a-4998-b923-ff21fba1a4a4",<br>      "useExternalProjectId" : false<br>     },<br>  "metricName" : "OBSERVATION_COUNT_BY_TYPE",<br>  "timeFrame" : "ALL_TIME",<br>  "details" : {<br>        "observationType" : [ "NEGATIVE" ]<br>   },<br>   "startDate" : 1585180800000,<br>   "endDate" : 1585267200000,<br>   "page" : 0,<br>   "pageSize" : 60<br>   } ]<br>  }

For more on this call please refer to the API Reference Documentation.

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