Creating an Observation

Select the “+” icon to create an observation.

There are two types of Observations: 
  • Positive Observation
  • Risk Observation

Complete the form to create your Observation. Begin by filling out the organization and project. Note: if a project is selected in the left-hand side navigation then the organization and project are pre-selected for you.

Fill out the following fields:
  • Status: the default status is “New” but can be edited at time of creation (tip: you can even create an Observation in a “Closed” state if the issue was corrected in the field at the time of Observation)
  • Hazard Category: mark what kind of a hazard was observed
  • Identification Method: select the method used to identify the behavior observed
  • Trade Partner: if applicable, select the corresponding trade partner
  • Observation Notes: provide details and a brief description
  • Photos: add one or more photos (optional)
  • Severity: select the severity of the issue (not applicable for Positive Observations)
  • Frequency: select the likelihood of how frequently the issue occurs (not applicable for Positive Observations)
  • Recommended Action: if applicable, describe what you recommend to address the behavior or issue
  • Assignee: assign this observation to a user (optional)
  • Due Date: assign a due date for addressing the observation (optional)
  • Great Catch: mark this observation as “Great Catch” (optional)

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