View files, tags & comments

  • Enter a project by clicking on it
    from the  projects screen.
  • You'll see thumbnails for all 
    the project's files. 

  • Scroll to see more files.
  • By default, files are sorted by the 
    date they were uploaded to the 
    project. (You can switch to sorting 
    by date taken by tapping "Uploaded"
    along the top of the screen).

  • Tap on a file to open it in the media
  • Here, you can view/zoom a picture
    file, play a video file, or see and add
    file tags & comments. (More on 
    this below.) 

  • Swipe back and forth to quickly move
    between files. 

  • Click 'x' to leave the viewer and go
    back to the main files view. 

File tags & comments

  • The tags tab shows you all the
    tags on the open file. 

  • Tags that appear more than once are
    grouped together, along with the 
    number of instances. 
  • Click on a tag group to expand it. 

  • On a video, clicking on an instance
    of the tag will skip to its point in the

  • On a picture, clicking on a tag
    shows you the markup added to
    it (if any). 

  • To add a tag to the file, tap on this
    field and start typing the name of the

  • Matches to existing project tags
    will show under Search Result.
  • Tap anywhere on a suggested tag to 
    add it. 

  • To add a new tag, type the full tag's
    name and click the + to the right. 
  • Tap Save when you're done adding

  • Tap here to go back to the tags tab. 

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