Searching for files

To search for files within a project, use the search bar at the top of the project's Files view:

To search for files across all of your projects, use the search bar at the top of the Projects homepage:

You can enter any of these as search terms/criteria:

Free text search Search for free text to find matches across all file tags and properties including file names, comments, and untagged visual object detection  (called SmartVision results). 

SmartTag  Search for a SmartTag to find files with the tag (including image, speech and manual tags)

Example: Searching for the tag Wood will return any files with instances of a Wood tag.

SmartTag +  descendants  Searches for files with a tag and/or any of its child tags

Example: If the tag Location has child tags First Floor and Second Floor, searching for 'Location - includes all descendants - Tag Search’ will return files tagged with any of the three.

Alternate tags Returns files with instances of the tag or the tag it's an alternate to. 

Example: If tag ‘First floor’ has alternate ‘Level One’, searching for ‘Level One’ will return any files tagged with either. 

User name/ email Searches for files uploaded by a Newmetrix user.

Example: Searching for the user 'John Doe' will return any files uploaded by John Doe.

As you start typing in the search bar, you'll see auto-suggestions for tags, usernames and more below the search bar. Click on a suggestion to choose it as a search term, or keep typing text to run a free text search. Click Search to see results. Here's an example of the results of a free text search for "pipe":

Click on one of the category filters to see matches limited to that area. You can also use the date picker in the search bar to narrow results by date; click "All time - Now"  to expand the date pickerthen use the calendar to click and choose start and end dates.

Search for any vs. search for all

If you search for multiple terms/criteria, you will by default see files that match all of your entered criteria. For example, if you search for tags "Person" and "Ladder" the search results will show you files that have both people and ladders. 

If you want to search for files that have any of your entered terms -- for the previous example, that would mean searching for any files that have people and/or ladders, but not necessarily both - change search settings by clicking here and select the 'Search for any terms' option.

Search SmartFilter

When you run a search that includes any SmartTags, you'll at first only see the results that the software has found as the best fit. To expand the results set to less confident but still probable items, use the  SmartFilter on the search results page:

Click to a lower confidence level will bring more matches that might be more speculative (think of it as going deeper in the results of the Google search). Note that every confidence level includes files from higher confidence level. In this example, the 26 "medium confidence" results include the 13 highest-confidence results, and the 36 "less confident" results include both high and medium confidence level ones. 

Search on high confidence for most accurate results, or lower confidence to see more options, depending on the scope and context of your inquiry.

Share search results

Shared searches are a great way to bulk-share multiple files with your colleagues and partners. Sharing a search creates a link that others can use to see all the files returned as results of a search. Note that search links are dynamic, meaning they update automatically to include file results that are be uploaded in the future (even those added to the project(s) after you originally share the link).

From a project or cross-project search, click the share icon on the search filter: 

  • From the pop-up window, select how you want to share the search results.
  • Sending an email with a link:
    • Under People, select or add one or more persons by email. As you type, matches to emails of registered users will be auto-suggested; click on one to select it. If you enter an email address not registered with Newmetrix, they'll receive an invite to join. Repeat for any additional people. For each person, remember to click '+' to the right to add them.
    • Under Permissions, choose choose to share with Can View or Can Edit permission. (Can Edit will give people with the link permission to add tags and comments.)
    • Optionally, you can add a message to include with the link. 
    • Click Share Search to send.
  • Create a sharable link:
    • Under Share With, choose if this link should be accessible (a) only to project members, (b) by anyone in the project organization, (c) public (if your company has turned on public links).
    • Under Permissions, choose choose to share with Can View or Can Edit permission. (Can Edit will give people with the link permission to add tags and comments.)
    • Create a sharable link (copy a URL to view the search and paste it wherever you want to share).
    • Click Done to close the pop-up.

Exit search

Click this x on the results bar to exit a search:

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